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Capital xx

Significantly Higher Returns - Investing In Women

Female founders deliver significantly higher:

  • Revenue +12%
  • Return on investment +35%
  • Company valuation pre-exit +64%

Despite this, over the past 10 yr's approximately 7% of all venture capital (VC) funding has been invested into female founder - what a missed opportunity!

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In 2017, female founders only received 2% of  global venture capital funding.

Things are getting worse, not better.

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This is a human issue.

Investing in women, increasing female participation in the workforce and closing the gender gap will result in a better world for EVERYONE. That's a big statement, but one that the statistics back up.

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Capital xx will invest in ~500 female founders across Australia, Asia and the USA. 

For the first time, ANYONE (you don't have to be a wealthy investor) can fund and support female founders, by buying a world changing product. If you are a wholesale investor, you may like to invest in the fund.

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World changing products.

You can help pave the way to a better future by purchasing a Capital xx product today. Profit from each product sold, will be invested into and help power the Capital xx fund.

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THIS ... is a solution that has the power to change the future.
— Sir Richard Branson