The Capital xx fund is a $50M sister venture capital (VC) fund to Australia’s largest and most active fund, the performance of which is tracking well above its anticipated return (on an unrealised basis) at > 37%. This exceptional pedigree is enhanced by being the first VC fund of its kind in Australia to secure institutional investment and a global footprint (with offices in New York, London, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney and Melbourne).

Capital xx will replicate this success and the investment thesis of it's sister fund (portfolio approach - not direct investment) to create a highly diverse venture capital (VC) fund that will invest in ~ 500 female founded, early-stage, globally scalable businesses in Australia, Asia and the USA. Female founders have been shown to consistently outperform their male counterparts in VC portfolios and deliver significantly higher: revenue +12%, ROI +35% and company valuation pre-exit +64% and post-exit +46%. 

Please note we can only accept expressions of interest to invest into the Capital xx fund, from wholesale investors at this point. In the interim, regardless of your age, gender, investor status (aspiring or existing), you can invest in a better future for everyone (especially women) by purchasing one of Capital xx's World Changing Products.  


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