1. Capital xx can only accept (at this stage) direct investment into the fund from qualified wholesale / sophisticated investors (corporates, institutions, family offices, high net worth individuals).
  2. The purchase of a World Changing Product, does not buy the purchaser equity in the Capital xx fund, the profit generated and invested into Capital xx is a donation in kind.
  3. Annual audits, by a qualified third party, of all Capital xx product sales and donations will be conducted and the report findings shared openly on the Capital xx website.
  4. A significant percentage of all profits, from every World Changing Product sold, will be invested into the Capital xx fund.
  5. The first tranche of funding derived from all World Changing Product's, will be invested into female founders (the Capital xx fund), no later than 31 December 2018 - the amount invested will be communicated on the Capital xx website.
  6. Capital xx will invest all the fund's capital through it's selected partners (incubators, accelerators, angel groups) not directly through female founders who approach Capital xx (at this stage - but watch this space). To learn more of the investment model, please see the fund section.
  7. Capital xx will invest in female led businesses, where one or multiple of the founders are female and where the female founders hold the majority or equal equity to their male counterparts.